Monthly Archives February 2019

Old Baille 2019 mockup

A quick video flythrough of the reconstruction of Old Baille – unlike Clifford’s Tower over the river, this castle was never rebuilt in stone , so always had wooden walls, towers and keep. It was built as a backup to the main castle following the revolt by the citizens of York in 1068. It was a classic Motte & Bailey contstruction, and houses on Falkland Street still suffer from subsidence caused by the moated ditch we’ve rebuilt here. We’re particularly pleased with how the water looks!

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First screenshots on new build!

Very excited to present the first screenshots from the new look build, its been 15 months but well worth the effort – a completely new look engine with huge performance improvements and graphics, its finally starting to feel like a game again! Carrying out load testing on a couple of areas of town – Micklegate Bar / Defences, and Old Baille. Watch this space for more updates and get in touch if you’d like to get involved!

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