fishing game / castle walkaround

Some fresh in-game footage, featuring our new ‘quest’ system which will allow 100s of mini games throughout the city, and using a radar / indicator UI to help with gameplay.

In this demo, the player starts at York Castle, and decides to go fishing. They need to go through the castle gates first (guarded by the very tough looking but bizarre sounding guards..), and hire a boat at the jetty. Each fish they catch they can eat, or take to the fish market (there were 2 main ones in medieval York) for a tidy profit – b

ut be quick, there is only a short amount of time to catch each one!

Note the comparison with the modern castle – the former gatehouse was completely removed and blocked up in the 19th century when the space behind was converted into an exercise yard for inmates at the new prison. The ‘pit’ beneath the drawbridge and right / left flanking towers are still clearly visible however.

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