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Merchant Adventurer Exterior Mockups

First look at our new merchant adventurer mockup. The eagle eyed amongst you will spot that Foss Bridge is yet to be built (and ouse bridge for that matter) . . but the hall is shown in its original context – the modern street of picadilly wasn’t built until the 20th century, and although details are scarce its thought there was a busy street underneath it – having good connections to the river and with a pleasant outlook towards the castle. Also now up and running – the ‘fire’ in All Saints church (pavement) which would have guided people lost in the forests towards York, a very crude medieval sat nav!


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Barley Hall Mockups

Located just off Stonegate, Barley hall is a faithful reconstruction of a wealthy medieval townhouse, discovered by chance during rennovation work to a much later building on the site. We’re still not quite sure how we’re going to integrate it into the main game, but as one of the very few faithful medieval reconstructions in the country no medieval game in York could be complete without it -Its also been a chance to fine tune the time of day / weather effects, everything from glorious summer sunshine to a freezing snowstorm!


barley hall
barley hall sunset

barley hall overcast
barley hall snowstorm
barley hall rain

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