Adding in minigames

The next few weeks we’ll be adding in some of the minigames – repeatable games that the player can do at various points in town. Right now this includes:-

  • ‘Pizza’ delivery. Ok fair enough we know that pizza wasn’t exactly on the menu in 14th century York, so we’re being a bit creative here. Pick up a pizza from the shop, and deliver it as quickly you can, with a bonus paid for quick delivery. Over time the player will learn about shortcuts and Snickleways!
  • Taxi. Please see above for historial accuracy(!). But essentially the player will be in charge of a horse and cart, and the game mechanic will be similar to the delivery game – pick up a player, and deliver them where they want to go. The quicker they get there, the higher the reward!
  • Treasury.¬†Help the treasurer at the castle work out...
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Witches hovel

A stone circle leads to the Witches hovel, one of the . .ahem . . less historically accurate places in the game . .


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All Saints North Street

An early look at in game footage, medieval Ouse bridge (complete with houses, church and gatehouse) can be seen in the background


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Holgate Windmill mockup

With a working, turning mechanism. Today’s windmill is, of course, built much later but it is highly likely that a windmill existed on the site long before, its just too good a spot!

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Website up and running!

Happy to announce the website is now live! Check back for all our latest news and developments about the game!

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