Adding in minigames

The next few weeks we’ll be adding in some of the minigames – repeatable games that the player can do at various points in town. Right now this includes:-

  • ‘Pizza’ delivery. Ok fair enough we know that pizza wasn’t exactly on the menu in 14th century York, so we’re being a bit creative here. Pick up a pizza from the shop, and deliver it as quickly you can, with a bonus paid for quick delivery. Over time the player will learn about shortcuts and Snickleways!
  • Taxi. Please see above for historial accuracy(!). But essentially the player will be in charge of a horse and cart, and the game mechanic will be similar to the delivery game – pick up a player, and deliver them where they want to go. The quicker they get there, the higher the reward!
  • Treasury. Help the treasurer at the castle work out how much tax money has been taken in, by converting the total number of pennies into pounds, shillings and pence. So for example the player can deliver the tax chest from Haxby, and convert the amount. If they get the correct amount, they get a percentage of the total. What a way to learn your 12 times table!
  • Fishing. Go fishing in the King’s Fish pool! Navigate the boat to the fish, which is added to the catch. The fish can then either be eaten (improving health) or sold at the Fish markets, or to owners of taverns
  • Castle Repairs. The walls are falling down! Use the boat to go to the traders on the river Ouse, purchase the required stone, wood and iron to undertake the required repairs. Do it quickly to get a bonus!
  • Servant at the Great Feast. As a servant at the feast (being held in the great hall at York Castle), its your job to fetch the dishes each diner demands. You then need to proceed to the Pantry, Buttery and Kitchen (as with a real medieval hall) to fetch each item. Each request gets harder and harder, there is a bonus for each correct order delivered, and a bigger bonus still if the King or Queen place an order!
  • Archery Practise. Fire 10 arrows into the targets to be found at the castle. The better your aim, the more coins are rewarded
  • Merchant Adventurer. Invest in overseas trading enterprises, be careful to weigh up risk versus reward to ensure your wealth improves
  • Catch the Thief. A thief has been spotted in York! As a member of the town watch, its your job to find them and capture them before they escape. Fortunately unlike modern York there are only certain places to enter / leave the city, work out which one they’re heading for (e.g. Bootham Bar) and get there before they escape.
  • Fire! A house is on fire, fetch the water pump, find the closest source of water and put out the flames before they spread.
  • The Healer. Use your knowledge of herbs and plants to treat a range of ailments. Purchase the required items from the market if required.
  • Guard the walls. Not sure exactly how yet, but probably hte idea will be to keep an eye out for people trying to get into the walls. The idea is to fire a net to capture them.
  • Boat Racer. Guide a boat round a course taking in all the sights of York, starting at the Castle, through the moats and out to the river Ouse, through the bridge, past St Mary’s Abbey and returning in the quickest possible time!
  • Horse Racer. See above, except on land not sea! Probably to be set around horsefair where the Hospital is today

Phew! Quite a lot for the team to be working on, but we’re hoping with so much to do the player won’t get too bored (and of course there are the main quests / missions to do as well which will follow a storyline). Right now about half of these are up and running as proof of concept demos, get in touch if you have any thoughts or anything you’d like to add!


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