Great Hall game


A  quick screenshot of the great hall (located at York Castle) which allows the player to work as a servant, delivering orders to each of the diners. Video to follow, although all the voices are done by yours truly at the moment so might need a bit of a tweak in the future 😉 The hall reflects the normal layout of a medieval hall, namely the head table occupied

by the most important diners, and then 3 passageways leading off to the Pantry, Buttery and Kitchens. In keeping with medieval health and safety advice, the kitchen isn’t part of the great hall building, as they had a tendency to catch on fire, so was usually a hop across the courtyard for the servants! We’re also planning to create this setup in the large courtyard houses currently being developed



2 comments to Great Hall game

  • Dave  says:

    Looks good. Hope our 3 will learn some skills on how to be a servant and deliver orders to their parents.

    • yorgame admin  says:

      haha your 3 are a key part of the development process, along with that frightening head of testing son of mine 😉

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