First screenshots on new build!

Very excited to present the first screenshots from the new look build, its been 15 months but well worth the effort – a completely new look engine with huge performance improvements and graphics, its finally starting to feel like a game again! Carrying out load testing on a couple of areas of town – Micklegate Bar / Defences, and Old Baille. Watch this space for more updates and get in touch if you’d like to get involved!

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New Mobile App Promo Video

This is the first look at our new mobile phone app, which allows the player to discover the hidden secrets walking the streets of York! Complete quests for the castle constable, buying and selling goods for the a feast to be held at the castle . . a Royal Wedding 1328 style! The trading engine is based on real medieval goods, and where possible we’ve put the traders in the exact place where they would be found in medieval York, sometimes even with the original names! Includes the most comprehensive database ever compiled on York’s history including every street, defences, churches, religious houses and every historic building!

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1487 – The Pretender Screenshots

Few quick screenshots from our first playable mission, with a much more summery look to reflect the weather, 1480s style!


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Android App Screenshots

This is our first GPS functional android test app, running some basic models on a Samsung Note 4 (deliberately using quite an old / slow phone!). Treasure hunt mockups coming soon watch this space!

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Holgate Windmill

First look from our android demo, presenting Holgate Windmill medieval style! Please excuse the generic terrain (that isn’t Acomb folks . . ), on the plus side the sails even rotate!

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Tavern Interior Walkabout Video

An early look inside a generic tavern – we’re building a range of cosy taverns, inns and houses for the player to explore, unlike here it will be in first person, but a similar theme will be shown including being able to buy and sell from the inn keeper, talk to some of the people (some may have work or a quest for the player to complete) and maybe also some hidden secrets to discover. Oh and obviously all bow and arrows to be left at the door in future please. . its health and safety gone mad!



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Great Hall game

A  quick screenshot of the great hall (located at York Castle) which allows the player to work as a servant, delivering orders to each of the diners. Video to follow, although all the voices are done by yours truly at the moment so might need a bit of a tweak in the future 😉 The hall reflects the normal layout of a medieval hall, namely the head table occupied

by the most important diners, and then 3 passageways leading off to the Pantry, Buttery and Kitchens. In keeping with medieval health and safety advice, the kitchen isn’t part of the great hall building, as they had a tendency to catch on fire, so was usually a hop across the courtyard for the servants! We’re also planning to create this setup in the large courtyard houses currently being developed

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Adding in minigames

The next few weeks we’ll be adding in some of the minigames – repeatable games that the player can do at various points in town. Right now this includes:-

  • ‘Pizza’ delivery. Ok fair enough we know that pizza wasn’t exactly on the menu in 14th century York, so we’re being a bit creative here. Pick up a pizza from the shop, and deliver it as quickly you can, with a bonus paid for quick delivery. Over time the player will learn about shortcuts and Snickleways!
  • Taxi. Please see above for historial accuracy(!). But essentially the player will be in charge of a horse and cart, and the game mechanic will be similar to the delivery game – pick up a player, and deliver them where they want to go. The quicker they get there, the higher the reward!
  • Treasury. Help the treasurer at the castle work out...
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Witches hovel

A stone circle leads to the Witches hovel, one of the . .ahem . . less historically accurate places in the game . .


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All Saints North Street

An early look at in game footage, medieval Ouse bridge (complete with houses, church and gatehouse) can be seen in the background


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